Rates Are As Follows:

6 HOURS: $195
8 HOURS: $245

Rates are for a party of 1 or 2 anglers. A 3rd angler will be an additional $50.

Trips of less than 6 hours can be arranged if you prefer a shorter time on the water. This is ideal if the time you have available isn’t long enough for a 6 or 8 hour trip, or if there will be any very young anglers onboard.

If you prefer, Curt can supply rods and reels for your trip.

If You’d Like to Supply Your Own Rods And Reels, Curt Will Supply The Fish!

If you desire, Curt will spend the chartered time giving one-on-one instruction in specific techniques.

Curt is a proficient angler in many different methods of catching freshwater bass, such as Buzzbaits, Spinnerbaits, soft plastics and several other proven techniques that have worked for him in winning hundreds of bass fishing tournaments over the past 15+ years.

As part of the trip, Curt will supply snacks and cold drinks at no charge. Snacks include Granola Bars, Peanut Butter Crackers or Pop Tarts. Cold drinks include Bottled Water and Seltzer Water. If you prefer other types of snacks, feel free to bring them along.

**Please Note** Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the boat!!


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